$5 Anti-Aging Stock

Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, and the Rockefellers are betting a colossal nine figures on:

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Investors who get in on this tiny $5 stock… 

Stand to transform every $500 invested into $1.5 million.

Full details below.

Inside this folder are 140 patents that will soon alter the very fabric of the world as we know it.

tao anti aging folders

They’ve been quietly filed over the last three years by a secretive company…

In this nondescript office park…

tao anti aging office

On the outskirts of San Francisco.

These patents contain all the details of a revolutionary new technology that Singularity Hub says will,  

tao anti aging define

And Forbes says it will be

tao anti aging transformative

At first glance, this technology seems utterly unremarkable.

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It’s small — only about three centimeters by two centimeters and less than the length of the first segment of your pinky finger.

But packed into that tiny amount of space is a technology that will reshape human history more than the atom bomb, the combustion engine, and the electric lightbulb combined.

Outside of the company’s engineers, only a few people have been allowed to witness this technology for themselves.  

In 2017, Jeff Bezos was given a “demo” and immediately dipped into his own pockets to write a check for $116 million.

In 2018, Peter Thiel, the billionaire PayPal founder, was invited to visit this company’s headquarters…

And shortly after he walked out, Thiel’s investment fund wrote them another eight-figure, multimillion-dollar check.

And Venrock, the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller Family, handed this company upwards of $55 million.

But why?

What did some of the richest people in the world see…

Inside a completely ordinary-looking office building that would convince them to put hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of their own money on the line?

In short, they witnessed the most significant technological breakthrough in human history…

A breakthrough that could generate up to $15 trillion in new wealth over the next five years.

That's because, after more than nine years in development, this company is about to unveil the power of its technology to the entire world.

And if you follow the lead of Bezos, Thiel, and the Rockefellers and claim your own stake in this tiny firm today…

You could ride the crest of this technological revolution and turn just a $500 stake into more than $1.5 million.   

If that sounds too hard to believe, please, just wait until I show you what’s inside these patents.

Company insiders already know what’s about to unfold.

Over the last few weeks, they’ve been quietly buying up shares left and right…

To the tune of $4.8 million.

And institutional heavyweights like BlackRock, Vanguard, Renaissance Technologies, Goldman Sachs, and Charles Schwab have all been tripping over each other to get in as well.

They’ve poured more than $31 million into this small firm, ratcheting up their investments by 371% over the past few months.

They’re all getting ready for what Citibank is calling:

tao anti aging citibank

An event that will reshape the world as we know it.

Imagine if you could go back to 1965 and buy just 100 shares of a small restaurant chain based out of San Bernardino, California.

Its “Speedee Service System” and efficient assembly line production of hamburgers would soon revolutionize the way food was eaten in America and all across the world.

And as McDonald’s golden arches popped up in every country, state, city, and town…

You could have ridden the birth of the fast food industry to a 68,270% windfall.

tao anti aging mcdonalds

Or let’s go back more recently to 1986, at the dawn of the personal computer revolution.

If you had the foresight to claim shares in a small company from Seattle called Microsoft, you could have turned just $500 into $1.1 million as Microsoft shares climbed 237,400%.

tao anti aging microsoft

Or what about 1994?

The internet was new then, and many people didn’t believe it would ever be monetized.

But Jeff Bezos saw an opportunity and Amazon has since changed the very nature of commerce, handing early investors a 108,275% return in the process.

tao anti aging amazon

Each of these plays had one thing in common: They fundamentally changed our world and minted a new generation of millionaires — even billionaires — while they did it. 

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But what this tiny company is about to do is bigger than McDonald's, bigger than Microsoft, and bigger than Amazon.

I want you to imagine waking up on January 1, 2100.

It’s the dawn of the new century.

And even though you celebrated your 100th birthday many years ago…

You spring out of bed without a hitch.

You go to brush your teeth and staring out of the mirror is a face that only looks one-third of your real age.

You kiss your beautiful wife.

Then you drive down to the golf course to play a round with your friends.

You’ve been playing with them for decades — after all, it’s not like any of them are going to die from disease.

And right before you tee off…

You think back to that day, when a tiny company made an announcement that changed the entire world.

But unlike the rest of the world, you knew what was coming.

And as that company handed early investors over a 300,000% windfall…

You were able to turn every $500 into $1.5 million.

And now, neither you, your children, nor their children, will ever have to worry about money again.

This may sound like the plotline of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but I assure you, there’s nothing fictional about this future. 

The proof is right here in my hands.

Since the dawn of history, humanity has been searching for the key to everlasting life.

The ancient Greeks called it ambrosia: The sweet nectar consumed by the gods that gifted them with immortality.

For medieval Christians, it was the Holy Grail: The cup that Christ drank out of during the Last Supper.

And Ponce de Leon stomped through the New World’s swampy shores looking for the Fountain of Youth.

But finally, at last, our search has come to an end — all because of a small pill.

tao anti aging pill

Just like this.

But don’t let its appearance fool you, because inside this plain-looking pill is a completely new type of technology that could, according to The Guardian:

tao anti aging guardian

And Scientific American reports that a pill like this could allow anyone who takes it to:

tao anti aging young

And in the process, this could unleash $15 trillion in new wealth over the next few years.

Which means that, right now, you have a chance to stake your claim not just on a stock…

But on the future of human civilization itself.

And once you see this technology with your own eyes, I think you’ll agree:

The greatest wealth-building event in history is about to unfold.

And you do not want to miss out.

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My name is Jason Stutman.


I’m the chief investment strategist at Angel Publishing, an award-winning financial research firm based out of Baltimore, Maryland.

To put it bluntly, my job is to understand the future.

Every single day, I’m either meeting with CEOs or CTOs…

Studying patent filings or pulling FOIA requests on Department of Defense projects.

I have lunch with physicists…

And I personally know Ph.D.s working on nuclear fusion, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

My business is simple: I uncover the technological forces that will shape our society.

Then I get into those technologies before they go mainstream.

And if I’m right, the people I work for make a lot of money, and I’m rarely wrong.

I was one of the first to recognize the consumer robotics and automation boom…

And told investors to pay close attention to a tiny company at the center of it called iRobot.

IRobot went on to return over 1,600%.

In 2013, when the tablet and smartphone market was still quite young…

Everyone was piling into Apple stock.

But I knew that wasn’t where the real money was to be made.

Instead, I recommended a picks-and-shovel play with much more potential: Universal Display Corporation.   

Universal produces the light-emitting diodes that are a core component in virtually every single smartphone, TV, and computer screen today.

The company rode its market domination all the way to the top…

And handed ground-floor investors a 4,991% return.

I was also what you call an “early adopter” of Bitcoin.  

Back when it was trading for only $30 a coin…

I went on record to say it was one of the most attractive investments of the next decade.

And sure enough, it didn’t take long for the price of a single Bitcoin to skyrocket to $19,650!

And that’s just the highlight reel.

Now I’m not trying to brag.

But when I say something is going to be big… you should take it seriously.

And Bitcoin… robotics… AI…

Nothing even comes close to the economic potential of this new pill.

Dr. David Sinclair, a Harvard biomedical professor and bestselling author, who Time magazine named one of the 100 most influential people in the world, says that this pill could completely rejuvenate your body in as little as a week.

And Aubrey De Grey, the world’s foremost anti-aging expert, recently spoke at a conference and said that because of what’s inside this pill…

The first person who will live to 1,000 years old has already been born.

Just to show you how much money is on the table…

I want you to think about the most common age-related diseases.

Diabetes — a $49.4 billion industry.

Heart disease — a $150 billion industry.

Alzheimer’s — an $18 billion industry.

Kidney disease — a $79 billion industry.

Osteoarthritis — a $24 billion industry.

And cancer — a $128 billion industry.

Most people have to face at least one of these diseases as they get older, which means any therapy that can treat them is insanely lucrative.

And whenever a company has released a new product that may be able to treat one of these major diseases, its shares usually soar shortly thereafter.

Take a look at Bio-Path Holdings.

It develops gene-based therapies for myeloid leukemia, a type of cancer that starts in the bone marrow.

Myeloid Leukemia represents only 0.5% of the total cancer market.

But on March 6, 2019, when Bio-Path announced positive trial results for one of its top drug candidates, its share price soared 1,568%.

tao anti aging biopath

This would have turned every $2,500 into $42,000.

Or, look at Amgen.

In 1989, the company developed Epogen, a drug that treats anemia, which is caused by kidney disease and dialysis treatments.

At the time, Amgen was trading for $0.90 a share.

But when Epogen became one of the most successful drugs of all time, it sent Amgen’s share price all the way to $241.

tao anti aging amgen

That’s a 266 times return on your investment.

Then there’s Celgene.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the company received FDA-approval for a drug called Focal and a number of powerful chemotherapy drugs.

And those approvals caused Celgene’s share price to explode. 

If you had put just $10,000 into Celgene back then…

You could have turned it into $2.9 million.

tao anti aging celgene

Each of those biotech breakthroughs only treated one symptom of one disease.

Yet despite that, when those cures were released to the public, the money made by early investors was astronomical.

That’s why this pill is going to hand investors so much more money than any other biotech breakthrough that’s come before it.

(View The Full Presentation On This $5 Anti-Aging Stock)

Because it doesn’t cure just one symptom of one disease…

This pill could eradicate every single sign and symptom of aging in your body. Forever.

Which means once it's released to the public, virtually every other company in the health care industry will be made obsolete.

Let me show you what that could mean for your bank account. 

Big Pharma makes $1.4 trillion every year.

The market for hospitals, retirement homes, doctors, and related services are expected to reach $10 trillion by 2022.

And the health care insurance industry is worth another $4 trillion.

And let’s not forget the dozens of other related markets like hearing aid and walker companies, pharmacies and drugstores, even gyms and spas that depend on the sick and aging population to survive.

Totaled up, it equates to more than $15 trillion.

But when those aging and sick people are cured…


When no one has to worry about aging or disease ever again…

What’s going to happen to that $15 trillion slice of the economy?

Well, that’s an easy answer: It’s going to flow right to this company.

I know you’re probably wondering how this pill works.

After all, when I first heard that just one pill could eliminate all of the age-related diseases, I was skeptical.

But then I saw the science for myself, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Because what this company has done is absolutely incredible.

You see, most doctors believe that every disease is caused by something different.  

Cancer is caused by out-of-control cells over-replicating.

Arthritis is caused by inflammation.

And Alzheimer’s is caused by proteins strangling your neurons.

So what do these doctors do?

They develop different medications, different surgeries, and different treatment procedures for each disease.

But what I’m about to show you proves that everything we thought we knew about aging and disease is just plain wrong.

Because it turns out that:

This small biotech firm has discovered the ONE root cause of all aging and disease!

You see, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease…

They may seem like different diseases at first, but it turns out, at their most basic level, they’re all caused by the same thing.

Can you guess what it is?

I’ll tell you.

Old cells.

They’re the most fundamental form of life.

Everything you are can be traced back to your cells.

You start as just one tiny little cell.

tao anti aging cells

But by the time you reach adulthood, you have roughly 37 trillion cells inside your body.

These cells can help you carry oxygen to your lungs…

Digest food…

Transmit signals to the brain…

And replenish your hormones.

When you’re young, your cells are constantly growing and dividing through a process called mitosis, one cell divides and becomes two cells… which divide to become four cells…

And on and on.

The process of cellular division is the root of all life as we know it.

And it keeps your body humming along — happy and healthy.

But your cells have a life span.

A limited number of times that they can divide…

50 times, to be precise…

Before they stop dividing forever.

This is called the Hayflick Limit, named after the scientist who discovered it.

But what most people don’t know, even most doctors…

Is that something strange happens to your cells after they reach their Hayflick Limit. 

If you looked at your body under a microscope, starting at the very beginning of your life…

You would see cells like these.

tao anti aging redcell

They’re fresh, healthy, and young.

But let’s fast-forward 70 years into the future and look again.

Do you see that?

The cells have transformed.

tao anti aging greencell

No, you’re not looking at cancer cells or anything else like that.

Scientists call them zombie cells.

Zombie cells don’t divide anymore, but they’re not totally dead yet, either.

Like the zombies you see in the movies, zombie cells are stuck inside you, in a state of suspended animation.

It can happen to any cell that has reached the end of its life span.

This means if you’re over 40 years old, you probably have billions of zombie cells inside you right now. 

And this is bad news.

Because when a cell becomes a zombie cell, it starts to pump toxic chemicals into your body, slowly poisoning the healthy cells around it.

Even worse, over time, these zombie cells can actually transform healthy cells into zombie cells, too.

It doesn’t take many of them to cause damage, either.

If just one cell in every 15,000 is a zombie cell…

It can kick-start the aging process.

That’s because normally, when a cell is damaged, your body will recycle it and then fresh, new healthy cells will be created to take its place.

But zombie cells press the pause button on that process.

Video Thumbnail

So, new cells can’t be created.

Toxicity builds up inside your body.

And eventually, the damage becomes so great that your organs stop functioning properly.

It happens first in your shortest-lived cells, like the ones in your skin and joints, which makes sense when you think about it.

After all, what are the first signs of aging?

Usually, it’s crow’s feet forming around your eyes…

Thinning skin…

And stiff, achy shoulders, hands, and backs. 

But over time, zombie cells begin to attack your heart…

Your lungs…

Your eyes…

And even your brain.

But here’s the most important part.

This is the reason why anyone who invests in this small company now could grow richer than their wildest dreams.

Because this small biotech firm has figured out how to make zombie cells self-destruct…

And completely erase every sign of aging from your body!

Inside this patented pill is a special group of compounds called senolytics.

Seno is derived from the Latin word -senex, meaning old, and -lytic, meaning to destroy.

So, the literal definition of senolytics is “old-destroying.”

And that’s exactly what these compounds do.

Once inside your body, senolytic compounds selectively target your old, damaged zombie cells, causing them to self-destruct.

Once the zombie cells have been destroyed…

Your cells can begin to divide again.

Your tissue can regenerate.

And you can actually start growing younger.  

Let me show you indisputable evidence that proves:

Removing zombie cells can reverse aging on a cellular level!

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Look at these two mice.

tao anti aging mice

They’re both about 3 years old, which is really old for a lab mouse.  

They’re genetically identical and were raised in the same conditions.

But look at the mouse on the left.

tao anti aging oldmouse

He’s frail; his eyes are cloudy; his fur is thin and dull; he has almost zero muscle mass left. 

But now, look at the mouse on the right.

tao anti aging youngmouse

Using the incredible technology inside this pill, scientists were able to flush the zombie cells out of his body.

And even though he should be frail, old, and riddled with disease…

He’s not.

His eyes are sharp; his fur is thick and shiny; he has the robust muscle mass of a mouse half his age.

And though you can’t see it in this picture, his heart is stronger, his kidneys are in top shape, and he even exhibits a more youthful sense of curiosity and a higher risk tolerance.

Simply by removing his zombie cells, the mouse was able to regenerate new, healthy cells, restore tissue function, and regain the vitality that he had lost.

And get this: On a cellular level, the mouse was only about half his real age!

But it gets even better.

Further study results prove that the technology inside this pill could obliterate the deadliest diseases humanity has ever faced!


Zombie cells have been shown to be the root cause of everything from heart disease…

tao anti aging zombie

To Alzheimer’s…

tao anti aging tracks


tao anti aging achilles


tao anti aging mayo


tao anti aging hopkins

And even macular degeneration.

tao anti aging nature

Which means that finally, after eons, humanity has discovered the unified theory of aging.

The one thing that causes our bodies to break down as we get older.

But most importantly, because we now understand the problem…

We can finally solve it and end aging forever, which is why The LA times recently wrote: “Aging is beginning to look more and more like a disease… and a treatable one at that.”

Leading This Anti-Aging Revolution Is One of the Most Successful Biotech Entrepreneurs in History

He was named by the MIT Technology Review as one of the top 100 innovators in the world under 35.

Before his 40th birthday, he had already revolutionized biotech not once, not twice…

But four times.

The first while he was still a Ph.D. candidate in molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

He created the first biotech “assembly line” that utilized automation, nanotechnology, and advanced imaging techniques to map the human genome. 

After that company was sold to Takeda Pharmaceuticals for $270 million, he immediately started two new companies that developed groundbreaking antibiotics and weight-loss drugs…

One of which was acquired by Allergan for $2.1 billion.

That’s more than most people accomplish in a lifetime.

But he wasn’t done yet.

In 2007, he developed a revolutionary new way to extract fuel from pond algae and was so successful that the government handed him $100 million in federal funding.

So it’s no wonder Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel would hand him hundreds of millions of dollars.

After all, they have a knack for picking winners.

Jeff Bezos put $15 million into Twitter in 2008, long before it IPO’d.

Now, Twitter’s market cap is more than $26 billion.

Bezos was also one of the first investors in Uber Technologies, putting down $3 million of his own money.

That stake is now worth $400 million.

And with a $500,000 stake, Peter Thiel was the first outside investor in Facebook.

Now, his shares are estimated to be worth $28 billion.

My philosophy is that you always follow the smart money, and it’s all flowing into this tiny firm.

tao anti aging logos

BlackRock has already snapped up 2 million shares.

The Mayo Clinic’s venture capital fund has added 1.5 million shares to its portfolio.

Fidelity has bought in big at 5,750,000 shares.

And Invus Financial, the private equity firm that manages the wealth of some of the richest families in Europe, has bought over $19 million worth of shares in this small firm.

Even the biggest names in biotech know what’s about to happen.

The brightest doctors, scientists, and financiers in the world all realize that once this pill is released to the public…

It could very well make every other pharmaceutical company obsolete.

So these veteran insiders are flocking en masse to this tiny firm.

They all want to be part of the coming revolution. 

The CEO in charge of day-to-day affairs is a legend in his own right.

He holds a Ph.D. in physics and a doctorate in neuroscience from Stanford.

His work has been referenced in more than 100 scientific publications.

And as the head of research at Biogen, he helped develop more than $40 billion worth of breakthrough pharmaceuticals.

The chief scientific officer (CSO) is one of the world’s foremost experts on medicinal chemistry.

He holds 19 patents for molecular therapeutics and was even recruited by NATO to take part in a special cancer-research program.

And the CFO has successfully led three companies into acquisitions and IPOs — deals totaling in excess of $1.2 billion.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The leadership team has attracted more than 450 other top doctors, biochemists, and biologists to help bring the future into reality.

A reality that will be here sooner than you know it, because this company is about to conclude a groundbreaking clinical trial that could prove humanity can vanquish aging forever.

Over the past nine years, the rock-star scientific team has patented 140 of the most effective senolytic compounds in the world. 

They don’t all work the same.

Some remove zombie cells in your joints.

Others work best in your kidneys or your heart.

But each of these senolytics is like a small piece of the full puzzle…

And as each one was discovered, it brought the team closer to its ultimate goal: to develop a single senolytic compound to rule them all.

tao anti aging pill2

A compound that can take the best parts of all the other senolytics…

And roll them into just one single pill.

Capable of flushing out every single zombie cell inside you. 

(View The Full Presentation On This $5 Anti-Aging Stock)

And in 2018, that’s exactly what they discovered:

The most powerful senolytic ever created…

That may be able to eradicate 100% of the zombie cells out of your body!

This compound has already passed preclinical trials in animal models with flying colors and is about to enter human trials for the first time.

All we’re waiting for now is for the early-stage data results to be announced.

Because when it comes to biotech, early-stage data are where the money’s made.

Only one-third of treatments ever make it past this stage.

But the ones that do pass the cut are almost guaranteed to make it to market, which means when Phase 1 and Phase 2 results are positive…

It usually sends the company’s share price soaring.


Just look at what happened in 2015 with Aquinox.

At market close on Friday, August 7, Aquinox was trading for less than $2 a share.

But then positive results hit for Aquinox’s brand new liver pain drug AQX-1125…

And by market open on Monday, Aquinox had exploded to $55.75 a share and handed investors a 3,278% return in a single day.

tao anti aging aquinox

The same thing happened with Reata Pharmaceuticals.

When positive trial results were announced for its premier kidney disease drug Bardoxolone, the company's share price climbed from $46.60 to $76.55 in just a single day of trading.

And three months after, it hit $92.06.

tao anti aging reata

And look at this huge payday you could have claimed off Amarin Corporation.

When the company announced positive results for Vascepa — its new omega-3 drug — shares climbed from $2.99 to $12.40 over the next 24 hours, with a gain of 314%.

But Amarin kept going.

Within 30 days, the stock had climbed to $22.98, with a return of 669%.

tao anti aging amarin

And you could have turned $2,500 into $19,220 in less than a month!

The point is: If you wait until early-stage results are announced to place your stakes, it will be too late.

The stock will already be skyrocketing upward, and you’ll be left chewing dust as someone else takes your profits.

That’s why:

You have to get in before the positive trial results are revealed just a few short weeks from now.

Is there a chance that these results will be a flop?

Sure, life is uncertain, but so is investing.

But let me ask you this: Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, the Rockefellers, the Mayo Clinic, the world’s top doctors, and the most brilliant biomedical entrepreneurs have all been funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into this small biotech firm ahead of this early trial data…

Don’t you think they have an idea of what’s coming?

Don’t you think in the elite circles they run in, they may be privy to information no one else has access to?  

I sure do.

And when this tiny company reveals the indisputable proof that aging is cured, it’s poised to unleash a $15 trillion tidal wave of new money — for you, your family, and anyone else who gets in now.

Of course, it’s unrealistic to think that this company will capture all the profits of the health care market for itself.

But it doesn't have to.

Because right now its market cap is only about $400 million, which means even if it only captures 8% of the $15 trillion health care sector that will be up for grabs, it will still be worth $1.2 trillion. 

This means the small firm’s share price could soar by 311,478% and turn every $500 that you put down into more than $1.5 million.

I’m not a gambler.

But if I had the opportunity to put in just $500, which is far less than most people’s yearly utilities bill, and potentially get paid $1.5 million in return, I couldn’t imagine not taking that bet — especially since putting money down on this play isn’t just a chance to get rich…

It’s a chance to be part of something greater than each of us.

A world where no one has to suffer.

Where we don’t have to watch the most important people in our lives be in pain.

A world where we never have to look into the eyes of our wife, our husband, our children, our father, or our mother and say, for the final time, “Goodbye, I love you.”

Instead, I want you to imagine what your life could soon be like. 

It won’t matter if you’re 70, 80, or even 90 years old.

All you’ll have to do is head into the clinic…

Or maybe just open your medicine cabinet…

Take one small pill to flush the zombie cells out of your body…

And then watch in amazement as your joint pain vanishes…

Your wrinkles fade…

Your energy levels return…

And your body rids itself of disease forever.

That’s all it will take.

Just one small pill.

This is your chance to take part in a global revolution.

The kind of event that comes around only a few times in history.

The kind of event that sends a shiver through everyone, no matter how young or old, when they think back to it.

You know what I’m talking about.

Like that warm evening in July 1969, as people around the world gathered close around their televisions…

And watched — breath held in anticipation — as the Apollo 11 landing capsule opened.

From 238,900 miles away, Neil Armstrong stepped out…

And became the first human ever to stand on lunar soil.

Or what about in November 1989, when 44 years of struggles over the rights of human beings ended…

The evil empire was finally defeated…

And freedom poured across the rubble of the Berlin Wall.

These events don’t belong to any one person.

Or any one generation. 

These are the kinds of events that belong to everyone on this planet, etched into the pages of our shared story. 

And very soon another page will be added to that story.  

Where will you be during this historic moment?

Will you be watching your trading account swell to $10,000… $100,000… even $1,500,000?

Or will you hesitate…

And years later think back to today, wondering, But what if I had?

I don’t want you to live with any regrets, which is why I’ve prepared a special investment dossier called:

“The #1 Stock of This Generation: How You Could Ride the End of Aging to Enormous Stock Returns.”

tao end aging report

This could be the most important document you ever read.

Inside, I’ll reveal this small firm’s name and ticker symbol.

I’ll walk you through easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for getting in on the ground floor today.

I’ve even had one of my assistants with a strong scientific background break down the science of zombie cells into easy-to-understand terms.

Considering that this report could arm you with the information to transform just $500 into a seven-figure payday…

It’s easily worth thousands of dollars.

But this report is not for sale…

And it never will be.

Because this is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever seen in the stock market — a once-in-history chance for everyday Americans to grow richer than their wildest dreams!

I want everyone to be able to take advantage of it, which is why I want to send it to you completely FREE of charge.

That’s right, you won’t pay a single dime.

All I ask for is one thing in return: a chance to help you get even richer.

That's why I’d like to invite you to become a member of my exclusive monthly newsletter service, Technology and Opportunity.

technology and opportunity tao logo 600x200

As I mentioned earlier, I spend my days meeting with physicists, microbiologists, military engineers, and CEOs.

My 50-person team is constantly unearthing the latest patents from secretive DARPA labs or clandestinely meeting with representatives from some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

We broker knowledge and help our readers turn that knowledge into cold, hard cash.

Once a month, we gather together all the intelligence that we’ve uncovered.

Everything we’ve learned about the latest advancements in software, biotechnology, military hardware, and everything in between.

We condense all this information down into a few pages of hard-hitting, easy-to-understand research, and then we send it to you via email.

But most importantly, each edition will reveal the companies we believe will ride these technological trends to the top and hand you three-, four-, even five-figure windfalls.

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Take a look at some of the gains you could have enjoyed if you’d been a member of Technology and Opportunity these past few years.

  • 65,400% on Bitcoin.
  • 1,696% on iRobot.
  • 212% on Prana Biotech.
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  • 161% on Brooks Automation.
  • 157% on Envision Solar.
  • 115% on Splunk.
  • 146% on SolarEdge.
  • 101% on Foundation Medicine.
  • 126% on Mass Roots.
  • 143% on Mastech Digital.
  • 111% on Ambarella.
  • 138% on Teradyne.
  • 136% on AVT.
  • 134% on Intelsat.
  • 169% on MeetMe.
  • 2,319% on Ethereum.
  • 4,991% on Universal Display Corporation.

If all you did was kick in a tiny investment of $2,500 into each of these plays, you would have $1.9 million sitting in your bank account right now!

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My point is:

Technology and Opportunity can help YOU get rich off the world’s hottest technological innovations!

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Just listen to what we’ve been able to do for our current members.

This note comes from Steve B., a medical doctor:

“Last year I was able to do a $7,000 bathroom remodel thanks to your stellar investment advice. Since then my gains have continued to be so extraordinary that it is possible to remodel the kitchen this year and have enough left over to make a healthy contribution to our custodial accounts for our grandchildren.”

Or take this one from veteran Richard V. who told me: 

“Hi Jason… Thanks for the GREAT stock picks… I was worried about medical bills. I am a WWII D-day Normandy Veteran and listed as 100% disabled. Since subscribing to your research, my portfolio has a LOT of GREEN in the profit line and I no longer worry about medical bills. This week I had over $3000 in the green!”

Or look at what Amanda C. wrote to us:

“I followed the recommendation… and sold my position, making 2,375% profit.”

That’s an incredible result, isn’t it?

If all Amanda did was put down $2,500, she would have come out the other end with over a $61,000 payday.

I love it when I receive notes like these.

And as we approach this company’s critical announcement date, I’m expecting many more to come.

But guess what?

As momentous as this announcement will be, it’s only the beginning.

Because as we speak, humanity is approaching a technological renaissance that will alter our civilization as much as the wheel… or the combustion engine… or the radio.

And here’s what that means for you:

Over the coming months and years, you will have an obscene number of chances to get rich.

As new technology after new technology is released to the public…

A small number of smart investors will position themselves to claim millions of dollars in easy profits.

And I want you to be one of them.

So when you join Technology and Opportunity today, I’m also going to include a number of bonus investment dossiers.

Each of these focuses on a major technological trend that will define the future just as much as senolytics and the end of aging.

Most importantly, each report will reveal how you can profit from these megatrends.   

The first is called:

“The Robot Revolution: Three Stocks Poised for Up to 900% Returns (Or More!).”

tao robot revolution report

The robotics industry is quickly changing the world around us.

To show you what I mean, take a look at this picture:

tao anti aging firstrobot

This is the world’s first robot, the Unimate, created in the early 1960s.

It was essentially a 4,000-pound hydraulic arm that could perform repetitive tasks that were dangerous to humans.

But unless you were employed by General Motors, which had 450 of these robots in its assembly lines, you were unlikely to even know that this robot existed.

But fast forward to today… robots are everywhere.

Like this one:

tao anti aging davinci

Its name is da Vinci…

And it’s one of the many surgical robots revolutionizing our hospitals.

Its movements are so sophisticated, it can peel the skin off a grape and then suture it back.

But da Vinci doesn’t just operate on grapes, it’s already performed more than 6 million procedures on human patients.

And then there’s Pepper:

tao anti aging highfive

The robot running SoftBank’s retail stores.

It has the ability to chat with customers…

Give directions…

And even answer questions.

What’s more, Pepper doesn’t take breaks and doesn’t need a wage…

Which is why more than 25,000 of these robots are being employed in more than 70 countries across the world.

Of course, robots aren’t just happening in our hospitals and shops…

They’re on our roads in the form of self-driving cars:

tao anti aging truck

They’re patrolling the seas for the Navy:

tao anti aging navy

And the world’s first robocops are now being debuted in Dubai:

tao anti aging salute

But the robotics revolution is only just beginning, and the world’s biggest technology titans are all placing their bets.

Like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who kicked in $60 million…

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi who invested up to $9 million…

And tech behemoths Google and Apple who have poured a combined $4.6 billion into robotics technology.

And for savvy investors, there are literally millions of dollars waiting to be grabbed.  

Just like there was with Intuitive Surgical, a small firm that specializes in surgical robotics.

If you had gotten into Surgical before it began its meteoric rise, you could have claimed a 5,650% windfall:

tao anti aging isrg

Enough to turn every $2,500 invested into $143,750!

And in “The Robot Revolution,” I’ve included three robot stocks that I believe have even BIGGER upside potential.

The first has been ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the top 10 companies changing the world.

And it’s no wonder…

Because its industrial robots are making workplace injuries a thing of the past by taking on dangerous manual labor work.

tao anti aging industrial

What’s more, these robots don’t need a salary, which means the company that created them is saving a ton of money.

Money it's using to hand its investors fat quarterly checks.

Not only that, but as factories around the world snap up these lifesaving robots…

I’m predicting that this company’s share price will soar 500%!

The second of these companies creates the technology that allows robots to “understand” what humans say.

Think Apple’s virtual assistant Siri or Amazon’s Alexa…

Without this company, that technology couldn’t exist.

And as voice recognition becomes even more widespread over the coming months and years…

A stake in this tiny company could hand you a 700% windfall…

Enough to turn every $2,500 into $20,000!

The third company you’ll discover creates the technology that allows robots to “see.”

It’s needed for self-driving cars…


And virtually every other type of moving robot.

Without it, they would all crash.

And right now, you can get in for only $7 a share.

But you must claim your stake now.

Self-driving vehicles are starting to be rolled out en masse, and demand for this tech is about to soar.

Conservatively, I estimate that just this one stock could make you 25 times your money in the coming months.

Which could transform every $2,500 invested into $62,500!

And we’re just getting started.

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Because your second bonus report is:

“Space Billionaires: The #1 Stock to Own for 2020 and Beyond.”


The space race ended in one of the most spectacular scenes in human history…

On July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon for the first time,

Not only was it a moment of immense pride for our country…

But it showed the entire world that with enough ingenuity and hard work, anything is possible.

But since that day 51 years ago, we’ve never gone back.

And until just 10 years ago, there wasn’t a single penny of private investment to be found in the “space economy.”

But if you’ve been watching the news recently, you already know that’s not the case anymore.

In what countless media outlets like The Washington PostInternational Business Times, and The Atlantic are calling “Space Race 2.0″…

The wealthiest people in the world…

Billionaires like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos have kick-started a gold rush as they start to stake their claim on a $1 trillion prize:

Total domination of the space industry.

As you can expect, fortunes will be made…

Just like in the original space race when companies like Boeing, a little-known NASA contractor at the time, went on to reward investors with 49,190% gains:

tao anti aging boeing

Enough to make you a millionaire from just one small $2,500 investment.

So how can you profit from Space Race 2.0?

Savvy investors know that the real money won’t be made by getting in on on companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin, because most of these corporations are private anyway.

Instead, there’s one under-the-radar company listed on the NYSE that virtually every major player in the industry relies on for its rockets, engines, and systems.

Its top clients include NASA, United Launch Alliance, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and even the U.S. military!

As Space Race 2.0 heats up, this tiny company is all but guaranteed to skyrocket in value.

I’ve put all the details inside this report so that you can get in on the ground floor… and potentially become a space-race millionaire.

But that’s not all.

I’m also sending you a third FREE bonus report:

“Ultranet Profits: The Top Three Stocks for Riding the 5G Revolution.”


As Forbes reports: “Now Is the Time to Load up on 5G Stocks.”

That’s because the industry is on the verge of a huge explosion…

One that could reward fast-moving investors with predictable, life-changing returns over the next few months.

I use the word “predictable” because we’ve already seen this scenario play out not once… not twice… but four times before.

With 1G… 2G… 3G…

And the last time we saw it happen was with 4G.

Investors who held a stake in Crown Castle, one of the many winners of the 4G roll out, are now 1,124% richer:

tao anti aging crown

Enough to turn every $2,500 invested into $30,600.

Now, as big as these gains were, they’re nothing compared with what we’ll soon see from 5G.

That’s because not only is 5G 100 times faster than 4G…

But this time, it won’t just be phones that use it…

Instead, it will be used by tens of billions of devices in the “internet of things” that rely on the 5G network to operate.

In this report, you’ll find my top three stocks for profiting off the imminent explosion of 5G.

The best part?

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get into any of these companies…

In fact, one of them is currently trading for only $2 a share!

This company’s technology connects cell towers to operators’ networks in an efficient and cost-effective way.

This company is the leader in its field, and it's got the world’s biggest telecom companies — T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T — beating on its doors.

When 5G revolutionizes the world of technology, I expect it to return an incredible 82 times your money…

Enough to turn every $2,500 invested into over a $205,000 windfall.

So to sum up…

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you join Technology and Opportunity today!
tao anti aging bundle

First off, I’m going to immediately send you “The #1 Stock of This Generation: How You Could Ride the End of Aging to Enormous Stock Returns.”

You don’t have much time.

I recommend you open this investment dossier immediately and place your stake in this small biotech firm that’s on the cusp of curing aging forever.

Also, I’m going to send you:

  • “The Robot Revolution: Three Stocks Poised for up to 900% Returns (Or More!).”
  • “Space Billionaires: The #1 Stock to Own for 2020 and Beyond.”
  • And “Ultranet Profits: Top Three Stocks for Riding the 5G Revolution.”

You could easily become a millionaire just off these four reports.

But if for some reason that doesn’t happen, don’t worry!

Because you’ll have plenty of other chances coming down the pike.

That’s because you’ll get:

  • 12 editions of my Technology and Opportunity investment newsletter. Every month, we’ll send you a brand-new investment opportunity that can return five, 10, even 20 times your money!
  • 24/7 access to your custom web portal. This is where you’ll access all your special reports and past newsletter editions.
  • “Special Situation” updates. If we uncover a fast-moving opportunity that just can’t wait, we’ll send you a special alert so you can get in before it’s too late.
  • VIP Customer Success Team. We are committed to showing you how to get rich. And we want to do everything in our power to make that dream a reality. So, if you ever have any questions, simply call our customer success team Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST, or 24/7 by email.

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You heard me right.

I think that you will have the opportunity to grow ludicrously wealthy once this company announces the results of its anti-aging breakthrough to the world.

But if for some crazy reason I’m wrong…

And this company doesn’t begin to take over the $15 trillion health care sector when those results are published…

Then all you have to do is call my customer service team and we’ll give you an entire year of Technology and Opportunity for free!

That means my team and I will work for you, completely free of charge.

You’ll get double the plays, double the upside potential, and double the chances to invest in life-changing technology and get rich.

But I’m still not done yet!

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So I’m going to give you a second guarantee:

You’ll also get to test-drive Technology and Opportunity for a full six months.
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satisfaction guarantee image

There’s absolutely nothing you can lose by joining Technology and Opportunity right now.

You’ll have a full six months to profit off the end of aging…

Plus, dozens of other opportunities that my team and I will uncover in each monthly edition of Technology and Opportunity.

And if you’re unhappy in any way…

All you have to do is let us know within your first 180 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your subscription cost.

I hope you'll see the value of the deal I’m offering you.

I think it’s a no-brainer.

Join Technology and Opportunity now, and you’re protected by our ironclad double guarantee.

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On the other hand, if you click away from this page, you’ll risk missing out on the biggest wealth transfer in your lifetime.

Money that could be going to you but will instead go to somebody else.

I hope you make the right decision.

And join people like Maurice W.:

“Thanks to you at the end of 12 months I had a net gain of about $450k!”

Neal B.:

“I made over $55,000 on Himax Technologies and several thousand on Brooks Automation!”

And John R.:

“[Thanks to Jason,] a few thousand bucks is now almost 10 times larger and growing rapidly. [Jason’s already made] me more than a lot of folks earn in an entire year!”

Imagine your life a year from now.

You could have retired, moved somewhere warmer, where the salty ocean breeze rustles the palm trees at night.

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Your friends will notice that something has changed in you — that you’re more at ease, comfortable, and less stressed.

Like the world can’t touch you.

And they may even come to you for advice, both on investing and on life…

Asking, “How did you do it?”

It’s up to you whether or not you'll tell them. 

But no matter what you decide, it all starts when you join Technology and Opportunity today.  

So let’s not wait.

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To a long and wealthy life,

Jason Stutman
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