“Tesla Killer” Stock Set to Skyrocket 1,000 Times Over

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I tried to warn everyone. 

Investors rode Tesla to $500, thinking the party would always last. 

It’s dropped like a stone since then, skinning investors alive. 

And the Titanic… ahem Tesla… is not done sinking…

Now there’s even worse news for Elon Musk:

A technology called the “Tesla Killer” has emerged — and you can buy it for only a few dollars. 

Its shares are already surging 200%… even through the coronavirus panic. Even as Tesla tanks daily.

That’s because the company behind it has two things Tesla doesn’t:

  • Cash on hand
  • The actual technology that will clinch the electric car race, positioning it for a $2.5 TRILLION windfall.

Bloomberg says it’s set to “skyrocket 1,000 times over.”

In fact, it’s already on pace to dominate the entire China market. NOT Tesla. 

That’s why the pandemic scare won’t even touch it. 

There’s still time. 

Lock it in now and book 90,900% gains — no matter what the Dow is doing.

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