URGENT: Battery Patent No. 3069168

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One of Tesla’s senior battery engineers recently QUIT and started his own battery company…

And now he’s filed the patent paperwork for the KEY manufacturing process that could revolutionize the entire industry.

Click here for the details about this new tech – it’s all covered under patent application No. 3069168.

Not only has this senior battery engineer submitted a patent application for the process…

He’s brought the chief of Tesla’s entire battery division with him.

The man who helped create the original lithium ion battery.

And today, you can take advantage of their TINY startup for just $6.00.

Click here for the urgent details.

But you must act fast.

Because our Chief Technology Officer, Ray Blanco, predicts that a partnership between Tesla and this tiny company is imminent…

And if that takes place, he believes the stock could skyrocket as much as 100% in a matter of minutes.

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