Will this weird device be in your home soon?

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See this weird little device? 

According to one of the smartest men I know – a man once dubbed the “Tech Prophet” by Forbes magazine – there’ll soon be millions of these devices in homes all across America.

Chances are, your home will soon be one of them.

And as they appear all over the country in the next few months, they could trigger one of the greatest wealth creating opportunities in history.

I should be clear: the man making this prediction is one of the tech world’s most knowledgeable forecasters. His work has been praised by Bill Gates, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and (if the legend is true) Steve Jobs.

So when he makes a prediction like this, however strange it may sound, I recommend you listen.

The good news is, he recently agreed to appear on camera to explain what’s going on, how it’ll impact you, and how it could make you many times richer.

The footage is free to view. You can view it by hitting this link right away (or clicking the thumbnail below).