A Major Opportunity in a Market You’ve Never Considered


The stock recovery has gone global…

We've seen breakouts in the U.S., China, and other markets around the world. And today, we've got another massive uptrend taking shape.

It's a part of the world I'm certain you've never bought into… let alone thought about. But now is the time to broaden your horizons.

This global market recently hit a new 52-week high. That kind of breakout often leads to even higher highs. And it makes this often-ignored market one to buy today.

Based on history, investors can expect a 10% rally over the next six months.

Let me explain…

South Korean stocks are up 73% since bottoming in March. That's an incredible rally. But I bet you hadn't noticed it.

South Korea isn't exactly in the news in the U.S. And its stock market isn't one the typical investor thinks about… let alone owns.

You need to pay attention, though, given the massive rally we've seen. And don't make the mistake of assuming that it's over just because we've seen a major rally.

Trying to call a top in stocks can be a dangerous game. You can scare yourself onto the sidelines too early and miss out on the bulk of the upside.

Buying into South Korea's market after a 73% rally might seem foolish. You might think you're taking a risky bet… or that Korean stocks are due for a pullback.

But history shows the opposite…

When Korean stocks break out to a new 52-week high, they tend to go on to make even higher highs.

There have been 11 other breakouts like this since 2000. And eight of those 11 instances led to positive returns over the next six months.

Again, Korean stocks recently hit a new 52-week high. Check it out…

The chart shows just how impressive this rally has been. It has been a one-way ride higher. And we can expect the gains to continue from here.

This kind of move is a bullish sign for investors going forward. Take a look at what's possible when folks buy in after this kind of setup…

Since 2000, Korean stocks have produced a 4% return over a typical six-month period. That's not bad… But buying after breakouts like we're seeing today more than doubles that return.

Buying after similar setups can lead to 6% gains in three months… and a solid 10% gain over the next six months. That's much better than a typical buy-and-hold return.

Yes, Korean stocks are up big since bottoming in March. But that doesn't mean this market can't go higher from here.

You can easily take advantage of this with the iShares MSCI South Korea Fund (EWY). This simple fund holds a basket of South Korean stocks.

This opportunity might not be at the top of your mind. But history says it's one to take advantage of today.

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