A $54,072 Benefit Every Retiree Should See

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There is a little-known way – hidden within the reams of public documents published by the Social Security Administration – that could let you collect up to an additional $54,072.

Let me repeat that: You could collect up to an EXTRA $54,072.

This surprising technique is spelled out in several public documents.

It can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement or years of struggle.

And yet most folks often miss it. 

And that’s not the only income-boosting secret that has been buried by a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork and red tape…

You could also:

  • Collect an extra $5,600 in Social Security benefits each year by filing two forms instead of one.
  • Get up to $2,500 a month in tax free money from your county treasury office.
  • Receive a $3,250 reward each year from the IRS.
  • And TRIPLE your dividend income with a nearly forgotten group of stocks.

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