The Biggest Drug Ever

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In October 2013, a scientist wrote three words down on a piece of paper.

They were simple words. A five-year-old could say them.

But these words hold the key to a new breakthrough the Economist says would be “A boon to humanity.”

And CNBC says, “Would help tens of millions of people.”

He began to tell fellow scientists the three words. And his ideas for them.

He soon recruited a team that's been called “the best scientists on earth.”

Then he started telling investors about them.

In May 2015 Fidelity Biosciences cut him a check for $217 million, along with an investor group.

In August 2016, he told Jeff Bezos the three words. He walked out with a check for $130 million.

It took just over a year – 390 days – for his company to hit a $1 billion valuation. That's faster than any company in history, including Facebook.

All because of three words. Words that all happen to start with the letter “B.”

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How is that possible?

It's because the three words hold the key to a new treatment Jim Cramer says would be “the biggest drug ever.”

A treatment that experts predict could help as many as 50 million people…and save the United States $20 trillion in medical costs.

Any company that harnesses this treatment will thrive.

Which is why a Big Pharma giant bought 11.2% of this small firm's stock last year.

If you follow the lead of Bezos, Fidelity and the Big Pharma giant, you can lock in your stake in this firm today…

And watch three words turn a $1,000 investment into more than $1.1 million.

You have every right to be skeptical…

But when I show you the three words and what they mean…

You'll understand why so many people are rushing to back this visionary entrepreneur…

And why The Wall Street Journal says, “The financial benefits would be massive.”

These three words could do more than just make you rich.

They can change how we treat one of the cruelest diseases on earth.

Discover the 3 words behind “the biggest drug ever” >>>