What are your biggest objections to investing in marijuana?

Marijuana legalization is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

We all have great reasons for investing in marijuana.

We want to know what your fears are…

Why haven't you started investing yet?

If you have started investing in marijuana, what's keeping you from investing more?

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  • I have already invested in several Canadian companies. I am waiting to see how the United states federal government reacts because I would like to invest in US startups as well.

  • I am looking to invest in Marijuana, it’s on of those easily affordable/available consumer products. I believe that it will be legalized/decriminalized at a national level like Canada. I would like to invest in United States and Canadian start ups, I would like to get into, Marijuana and Stock IPO’s and Pre-IPO’s as well.

  • The problem is that there are over 290 Cannabis stocks out there and wvery presentation I have viewed is the same thing. Ti get the ticker symbols I have to spend up to $3,000 fir a subscription to somebody’s newsletter. Even if you subscribe to these things you still dont get the report with the symbols but you do get your inbox filled with useless rhetoric and even more solicitations.

  • I have had a lifelong personal conviction against knowingly investing in companies or services contribute to social ills. Pot definitely is a social ill that contributes to other related social pathologies. I know “sin sells,” but there have to be other ways to make money without selling your soul.

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