2008 All Over Again?

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This volatility is scary. I get that.

But this is NOT 1987. This is NOT 2001. And this is NOTHING like 2008.

This is a massive overreaction to bad news from a market that was running way too hot and due for a correction.

The coronavirus was the perfect excuse it needed.

So ignore the media’s non-stop hype machine and keep your eyes on the bigger picture here.

Because if you are a long-term investor like me, this pullback is a gift.

It’s a chance to get your hands on some stellar stocks at a great price. 

That includes my top four stocks of 2020. I was already bullish on these stocks when the market was at record highs.

My top four stocks will be some of the best growth stocks for the next decade. I expect triple-, even quadruple-digit profits ahead. And people who miss this chance to snap them up at these prices will be kicking themselves a year from now.

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