“Thank you Jeff Sessions!” – Pot Investors Celebrate HUGE Wins

Jeff Sessions’ post-election resignation had many in America celebrating this week – but not why you might think.

News of Sessions’ shock departure on Wednesday saw cannabis investors’ portfolios post dramatic surges almost instantly:

Canadian medical marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis shot up 9% shortly after the news broke.

Cronos Group and Canopy Growth – two of legal cannabis’s biggest companies – both jumped up 7%.

And pharmaceutical production firm Tilray leapt a massive 30% within a few short hours.

This explosive market reaction comes just days after one prominent Republican declared he was “all in on cannabis” at a recent public event.

Unveiled at this historic event were instructions for how everyday American investors could potentially make a fortune in cannabis stocks as we head into 2019 – even if you’ve never bought a single cannabis stock before.

It’s not too late.

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