Boehner: “Beware of Pot Stock Charlatans”

Marijuana stocks have caused quite a frenzy with investors.

After all, over 64 have surged more than 1,000%.

And in some rare and exceptional situations, these tiny companies have delivered 25,000%, even 100,000% windfalls to fortunate Americans.

So for many, the promise of transforming pocket change into millions of dollars is impossible to resist.

And that’s led to the rise of fake experts, conning unsuspecting people into paying serious money for phony stock tips.

But in a stunning development, the major CEOs, investors, and leaders of America’s $10.8 billion marijuana industry have joined forces to put an end to it.

The man behind this bold initiative is none other than Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

Recently, this esteemed group united for The American Cannabis Summit.

And when the discussion turned to all of the bad investment advice spreading around the internet, one panelist, in particular, got fairly heated.

Danny Brody is an architect behind two of the largest cannabis IPOs in history.  He’s helped create billions of dollars in new wealth for his shareholders.

He’s been closely monitoring the negative consequences that have followed the success of marijuana stocks like his.

“The charlatans started coming out of the woodwork,” Brody stated during the interview.

“We started seeing sketchy companies promising magical ‘Pot Stock Blueprints.’ They were telling folks they could turn fifty bucks into a million dollars.

 Guys that are probably working out of their mom’s basements, peddling bad information to make a quick buck. Just preying on people’s excitement.”

Speaker Boehner, Danny Brody, and the rest of this group of ultra-successful industry veterans are leveraging their political and business connections to help everyday folks receive the credible guidance they need to get started investing in marijuana.

In this exclusive broadcast they even recommend three small stocks to target right now.

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