Tesla Opens The World’s Largest Supercharger Station


Tesla Opens The World's Largest Supercharger Station

Tesla Inc TSLA 0.14% has opened the world’s largest Supercharger station with 56 stalls in Firebaugh, California, Electrek reported Saturday.

What Happened: While the Elon Musk-led company has Supercharger stations with 50 stalls in China, 56 is a new record for the automaker, according to Electrek. 

The new station is located between the Bay area and Los Angeles, which are reportedly the company’s two of the largest markets in the world.

A tweet by the Tesla Owners East Bay confirmed the presence of 56 V3 Superchargers at the location. 

There are solar canopies to provide shade to the vehicles while they charge and facilities such as a convenience store and restaurant are available on location, as per Electrek.

The 1MW V3 is Tesla’s architecture for Supercharging, which supports 250kW per car. Tesla claims it can deliver enough power to a Model 3 sedan in five minutes so as to take it to 75 miles.

Why It Matters: Musk has said in the past that Tesla would hasten the deployment of Supercharger V3 stations, which started rolling out in 2019.

As of this month, the Palo Alto-based automaker has deployed 20,000 Superchargers, which it describes as constituting the “world’s fastest charging network.”

Tesla has fallen behind its stated Supercharger expansion targets. The automaker planned to have 18,000 Superchargers in place by end of 2018 but it could only manage to put in 12,000 by the deadline.

Price Action: Tesla shares closed nearly 0.8% lower at $408.50 on Friday.

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