“The biggest economic phenomenon of our lifetime”

In recent years, the American public’s opinion on marijuana has shifted dramatically.

Back in 1990, only 16% believed recreational marijuana should be legal.

Today, it’s 62%.

Approval of medical marijuana is even more widespread.  93% of Americans believe it should be legal.

And if one person perfectly represents this nationwide awakening on marijuana, it’s former Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

During his time in Congress, Boehner was one of the industry’s staunchest opponents.

But recently, he stunned his colleagues on Capitol Hill when he announced he was joining the board of a large marijuana investment firm.

“I’m all in,” Boehner declared in a must-see interview.

And now he’s helping average Americans join this green gold rush too.

Fmr. Speaker Boehner has united the CEOs, major investors, and other leaders of the United States’ $10.8 billion marijuana industry.

Together, this esteemed group is going to leverage their political and business connections to help everyday folks capitalize on this unstoppable, economic boom.

And now Boehner is inviting you to join forces with him and his network.

Boehner is hearing in his closed-door meetings on Capitol Hill that three seismic changes could be coming to marijuana, courtesy of the federal government.  And soon.

Once enacted, these changes could cause the U.S. marijuana industry to soar to $100 billion virtually overnight.

Investors have already watched as countless marijuana stocks surged 1,000% or more.

In some rare and exceptional situations, these tiny companies have delivered 25,000% even 100,000% windfalls to fortunate Americans.

However, according to John Boehner, the best is yet to come.

During this exclusive interview, he was quick to point out that the vast majority of institutional firms and Fortune 500 companies have yet to make their moves.  Which won’t be the case much longer.

“They’re dying to get in. I’m helping some of these bigger fish get ready to invest. There’s hundreds of billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines.

 I was on the board of a major tobacco company, Reynolds. 

 You think big tobacco is staying on the sidelines? I’ve talked to these guys.  They aren’t going to sit this one out,” Boehner revealed.

 “You have the ability to get in on the ground floor of the biggest economic phenomenon of our lifetime, before it really takes off,” he continued.

If you’d like to discover how you could become the next marijuana millionaire, take a few moments to watch John Boehner describe his grand plan.

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